PDC BIG introduces branded chalkboard badges for customer-facing industries, bringing style, personalisation, practicality and reusability to sectors where connections, relationships, green and friendly values are key.

London, UK – 31 October, 2016  PDC BIG, acknowledged industry leaders in people identification have introduced innovative chalkboard badges for customer-facing staff in retail, hospitality and leisure industries.

Another practical and cost-effective approach to name badges from PDC BIG, chalkboard badges allow outlets to be agile an d more responsive to loyal customers and local events, providing them with the ability to incorporate highly-targeted campaigns 1and messages on personalised and branded badges in an instant.

The use of  chalkboard makes the badges highly adaptable and very individual. Appealing to a modern, fashion-conscious and demanding consumer, the badges create an environment that is instantly welcoming and friendly. They are fun, easy to use, and re-useable, without the need of design software or printers.

Chalkboard badges are part of the PDC BIG innovative badge and print people ID solutions that revolve around quality, brand, ease of use and presentation. Covered in a chalkboard material that can be hand-written on with liquid chalk pens to give a blackboard effect, the badge is an ideal solution for customer-facing industries. The chalkboard badges, quick-dry liquid chalk pens and cleaning cloth are supplied as a complete kit.


PDC BIG developed the new chalkboard badges in response to market analysis. Commenting on the new badges, Mark Owers, PDC BIG Sales Manager, said that PDC BIG research showed that customers in retail environments agreed that the badges made the staff appea r more approachable, which in turn helped to create a feeling of authenticity and reflected “good old-fashioned values”.

He continued, “Chalkboard badges are the ideal solution for customer-servicing sectors that want to present a professional front while engaging customers on a real and friendly basis. At PDC BIG, we are committed to bringing practical and cost-effective solutions to the market. We are also very aware of our clients’ commitments to the environment. The PDC BIG Chalkboard Badge is supplied from our 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ipswich, UK. It is reusable and when no longer required, can be returned to us for disposal.”

5PDC BIG supplies name badges, wristbands, lanyards and accessories globally to the Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Entertainment, Events and Healthcare industries. Part of the Brady Corporation, it processes more than two million name badges, a billion wristbands, half a million lanyards and 13 million business cards each year for companies of all sizes and across all industries from its global manufacturing facilities.




PDC BIG is a global leader in people identification. We connect people, products, and technology through innovative ID solutions that deliver superior customer experiences worldwide.We are focused on quality and excellent customer service. We provide the most innovative and widest available range of identification products such as wristbands, badges, lanyards and accessories to customers all over the world from our manufacturing facilities located in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States, Mexico, and China.4For a list of services and products, please visit www.pdc-big.co.uk

#Proud2support #Media: WECONNECT INTERNATIONAL Brings Europe’s First Female-focussed Supplier Diversity Forum to The UK

London – October 2016:  The WEConnect International European Conference returns 16th-17th November 2016, now with an extra day dedicated to supply chain inclusion within large corporations.

The Supplier Diversity Forum, which will take place on the second day of the conference, will focus specifically on women-owned businesses. During the two-day conference, WEConnect International invites some of the world’s largest corporations, along with women-owned businesses, to explore supplier diversity and corporate social responsibility.

The WEConnect International European Supplier Diversity Forum provides a platform for both large businesses and SMEs to discuss the benefits of a diverse supplier base, providing useful insights that can be shared with internal procurement teams and information to engage first tier supply partners.

By providing a space for discussion, WEConnect International hopes to increase awareness among large corporations and increase inclusivity, ultimately forming powerful partnerships that will benefit businesses of all sizes and strengthen the British economy.

Research suggests that 900,000 more businesses would be created if the UK achieved the same level of female entrepreneurship as in the US, resulting in an additional £23 billion gross value added to the British economy.

Access to corporate and public sector procurement opportunities remain imbalanced for women-owned enterprises, creating barriers to success, which WEConnect International aims to break down by campaigning for fair and equal access to corporate and public-sector procurement opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

WEConnect International work with multi-nationals and government departments who recognise the benefits of widening access to their supply chains, and women-owned business who want to connect with corporates and demonstrate their value to large corporations.

Maggie Berry, WEConnect International Executive Director for Europe said: “Through both the conference and the forum, we’re looking to further the supplier diversity agenda here in Europe by helping multi-national corporations to understand the benefits of buying from diverse and women-owned businesses.

“The WEConnect International global network of women-owned businesses includes a wide range of SMEs providing corporate and B2B products and services and this event offers a fabulous opportunity for them to get connected to buyers within the corporate world.”

Miriam Dervan, CEO of mdgroup, a certified women-owned business, said: “The diversity forum aims to open the eyes of other companies and corporations, to the value and significance of working with women-owned businesses. It can be a struggle for women-owned SMEs to be taken seriously and it is important we demonstrate the wealth of skills we have to offer at WEConnect International.

“Diversifying the supply chain shouldn’t just be about ticking boxes, it’s about furthering growth in the diversity market whilst gaining immense benefit for both the women-owned companies WEConnect International supports and the bigger organisations who use our services.”

Michael Robinson, IBM Global Supplier Diversity Program Director, said: “Diversity goes beyond fair hiring practices and protection for all employees. It also includes a focus on how those disparate pieces fit together to create an innovative, integrated whole. We call this approach inclusion.

“Three basic principles underscore IBM’s ongoing commitment to diversity—its workforce, customer base and supply chain. Building and maintaining a community of diverse suppliers increases opportunity to explore new ideas, apply different approaches and gain access to additional solutions that respond to customer needs.’



WEConnect International in Europe is the leading global supplier diversity initiative spearheading the connection of women-owned business and multinational corporations.

The WEConnect International Conference and Supplier Diversity Forum is hosted by IBM and sponsored by a range of global leaders, including Intel, Accenture, and Monsanto and more. For more information on the event, visit the WEConnect International website.

To register attendance, visit http://www.weconnecteurope.org/event/weconnect-international-europe-conference-2016

Please contact MBerry@weconnectinternational.org  for all enquiries relating to WEConnect International.