London, March 2012: Market Accents through Principal Noreen Cesareo has joined the Board of Directors of the Malta Business Network, an international professional network in Malta and the UK that focuses on the promotion of business and professional opportunities and the sharing of knowledge and information between Malta, the UK and other countries.

MBN logoThe MBN is expanding in Malta and internationally at a thrilling pace. It has grown through contacts, referrals and awareness from MBN activities and the online presence. As an organisation, it reaches out to the Maltese business community scattered worldwide. An important part of its remit is to promote business and professional opportunities that are related to Malta. The MBN does not form part of any official framework, although the Board works closely with national organisations to further opportunities. As an independent professional body, the MBN is well placed to harness relationships that generate concrete opportunities. To this end, there is a rolling calendar that includes industry briefings, seminars, private lunches, social events and of course, the members’ monthly meetings. These events generate a real interest and the MBN private lunches are regularly fully subscribed.

The MBN Boards in Malta and the UK have worked hard to build a successful network and the MBN is now an internationally recognised and well-respected community. Market Accents manages and drives the marketing and communications agenda in both Malta and in the UK. As Noreen Cesareo, Market Accents Principal, said,” As the Board Director driving marketing of communications, we look after the website and social media, and support the organisation of events, the drive to recruit and look after members, the membership databases and the digital communications agenda. We are pleased to be part of such an organisation and continue to work with the other Board Directors to drive it forward and launch in other countries.”

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