The MD of a funded start up approached Market Accents to map the market and create competitor profiles to assist in the creation of the overall operations, pricing and market strategies.

The company was harnessing new technologies in digital media and the internet to create a market space. The investors were keen to fully understand the opportunity before deciding on the full proposition and pricing strategies.

Market Accents initially mapped out the industry, and then focussed on three main markets, the UK, the US and Europe.

We examined the key elements in the competition and looked for gaps which we could exploit. We carried out in-depth analysis on key competitors and then developed a tool to evaluate and score the key players. In addition, we created a data bank which served as a platform for the operation. Armed with such knowledge, the MD and management team were in a position to make educated decisions at all levels.

Market Accents continued to build the market and competitive intelligence and consequently assisted in the creation of proposals for funding and investor packs, required for the next round of financing.

Our Success: We were with the company from its inception and were invited to join the management team. As the MD said, “The knowledge and insights that Market Accents contributed were invaluable. Having Noreen on our management team allowed me to have a sounding board and I have personally benefited from having such easy access to quality market and competitive intelligence. I have worked with Noreen before and will use Market Accents again in my other ventures.