And our commitment to adopting ESG and working towards the delivery of SDGs

Market Accents Services


We have a comprehensive standard methodology that firmly focuses on your business – your brand,  identity, values and strategies.

Through our services, we maximise the value of your unique customer relationships, retaining existing ones while gaining new ones, thus helping you to reach your full potential and deliver ROI.

  • Brand identity and positioning
  • Brand design and creation
  • Strategy and proposition development
  • Thought leadership development
  • Market and industry Research and customer insights
  • Market and customer mapping
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer analysis and profiling
  • Communications and messaging
  • Content creation: copy writing, website, op-eds, editorials, case studies and white papers
  • Development, management and deployment of marketing and communication

Within our gender focussed team, we can work with y0u to ensure you are working towards ESG and delivering on SDGs.

Why Do Diversity, Gender and Climate Matter?

The transition to the net zero economy is not gender-neutral and consideration must be given to the impact of the transition on workers, male and female, formal and informal. It must also consider existing inequalities in global value chains.

Women make up half the global population. Considering their needs and abilities to access full and productive employment is the right thing to do to create a more equitable, sustainable society for the future.

Our robust approach is holistic, a gender lens is applied to each step of our work, including the due diligence process. It goes beyond adding gender as a thematic area. It delves deep to encompass due diligence, data analysis, interviews, training of trainers, consultancy and evaluation and monitoring. It recognises the specific needs of different groups and analyses how business activities might contribute to inequalities.

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