London, January 2013: Over the last two years, Market Accents, the London-based marketing and communication experts have expanded their activities within the membership organisations and private clubs segment in the UK and abroad, assisting them in the development of their propositions, set-up, recruitment and retention of members.

This expansion was in response to the growing demand seen by companies from prospective members looking to join exclusive professional and lifestyle-based organisations for both professional and personal benefits. Market Accents currently supports and works with a number of professional networks, membership organisations and communities within London and internationally.

Over the years, Market Accents has been involved with this key segment, gathering insights, establishing propositions, creating marketing and communications programmes and assisting with the management and running of these clubs. They provide direct advice to committees and many times join those same communities, serving on committees to give hands-on direction and support.

As Market Accents’ Principal, Noreen Cesareo commented: “The strength of any member-based organisation lies in its ability to establish, grow and maintain a quality relationship with its members. Fundamental to any activity, whether it is to recruit or retain members, is for the organisation to understand the prevailing attitudes and to correctly identify its target audience.”

By tapping into current trends for lifestyle experiences and creating matches with the organisation or venue’s culture, Market Accents is able to create profiles and develop programmes that include online and offline communications and targeted activities. The focus is to create long-lasting revenue or to generate footfall when the venue is typically quiet.

Noreen continued: “We have worked with professional and leisure membership organisations attached to businesses and historical venues for a number of years and we know this market well. At a time when companies are seeking membership organisations to network and develop their own business contacts, it is ironic that in most organisations, their revenues are down and memberships are dwindling as a result of perceived value. We specialise in assisting them to move out of their comfort zone and to find ways to tap into long term revenue generating markets without devaluing any part of the proposition.”

Market Accents is offering a complimentary consultation to organisations, societies and venues to discuss ways to revive current memberships or to set up bespoke and targeted private clubs. For further information, please contact Noreen Cesareo by email at or call on 07787555651.

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