Validating a Supply Chain service proposition

An EU-backed enterprise required extensive research to validate a service proposition within the supply chain in the UK.

Understanding Customer Behaviours

The French subsidiary of the global manufacturing company supplying name badges, printed material and accessories to the retail, health, corporate, events and conference, and hospitality markets required market research to understand customer behaviours with regards to purchasing and usage.

Gaining Insights

A community-based business network was looking to develop its strategy for expansion and introduction of subscriptions.


We researched three specific audience groups, carrying out a series of in-depth one-to-one interviews, online surveys and focus groups to determine whether the proposition was validated across all segments. Specifically we looked at the key elements such as online and offline usage, market attractiveness, pricing and messages for brand and communications. The findings and report were lodged with the EU as part of the funding requirements.


A customer survey was conducted in the French market with existing and potential customers to determine trends in usage, loyalties and buying behaviours. The results were then used as a platform for an investment presentation.


Reporting directly to the executive committee, we carried out extensive primary market research with local businesses that formed part of a central London business community. As part of the exercise we also updated the database and carried out extensive one to one interviews to gain insights that were then utilised as part of the new strategy.

Looking for Gaps in the Market

A London based mid-sized Managed Services Company providing virtual and serviced office spaces in London and across the UK was looking for gaps in the market to further develop its proposition.

Expanding into New Markets

A global London-based company supplying printed material and accessories to the corporate, conference and hospitality markets was looking to expand its proposition in the Middle East.

Developing New Services

A local council in London wanted to understand the requirements of small to medium businesses falling within its jurisdiction in order to develop tools and services that would be of value for the SME community.


We undertook quantitative research using telephone and online surveys to understand the company’s existing clients’ perceptions of the current proposition; quantify usage of virtual services and test potential new services and pricing options. The results were used to determine investment decisions in new services, upgrades to current services and review of current operation.


We carried out telephone research among a sample of key decision makers using the services in London and the Middle East. The exercise was conducted as part of a strategic exercise to determine investment opportunities. Key decision makers in corporate, hotels, conference and event companies were asked key questions that looked at factors influencing purchasing decisions, including availability, pricing and cultural behaviours.


We carried out qualitative research using telephone and online surveys to understand the requirements of SMEs in the catchment area. The objectives were to test the market space for the introduction of potential professional services in the form of a business network. The results were then used to determine local government investment decisions in new services, upgrade the current services and establish a business forum in the area.