London, February 2009: In the current economic climate, most business leaders instinctively choose to cut marketing budgets. It comes as a surprise therefore to know that businesses that have cut back on marketing during past recessions have tended to do quite badly when the economy starts recovering.

Noreen Cesareo, Principal at Market Accents has been examining overwhelming evidence gathered from the past 80 years to support the business decision to maintain, if not increase, marketing activity and spend.

Noreen said: “ As a business leader, your main concern during these times should be threefold: Look after your clients. Protect your market position and get your house in order. You really cannot afford to be complacent. You should see recession as an opportunity to recalibrate your offer and your business and move into a strong position to be ready for the upturn.”

This white paper specifically discusses five marketing strategies that are effective during a recession. Market Accents has studied empirical evidence drawn from experiences of businesses during past recessions, and has examined the current thinking to provide clients with a framework to help navigate their businesses.

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Companies interested in a copy of the white paper can download it from here.