Noreen Cesareo presents Strategy and Marketing at Made In Britain Webinar

Strategic marketing and communications expert Noreen Cesareo talks about marketing strategy and why it is so important to review and refresh direction and growth plans in a post-COVID-19, post-Brexit market place.

There are a number of ways that a business can gain from strategic marketing. It is an approach that encompasses organisation-wide tools to build a sustainable growth plan – from understanding market dynamics and trends for market penetration, looking at impacts on buying behaviours and the value chain, creating the brand story, identifying and engaging with the right demographic to create sustainable goals, and regulating resources to pivot offers. They all shape the business strategy and growth plan – building and maximising capabilities, and boosting sales.


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Engaging Online: Using Digital for Visibility and Networking

Why Should You Maximise the Power of Digital Networking and Connections

  • You can connect from home or anywhere
  • YOU are controlling the conversation
  • You can initiate at ease, eliminating that awkward moment when you first meet someone and start a conversation
  • You can do it in your own time, whenever you can do so comfortably
  • You can map your connections and get strategic with your engagements

We recommend using the following strategies to network digitally:

Identify, Connect, Engage, Maintain

  • Determine Your Networking Goals
  • Identify your Networks & Relationships
  • Start With People You Know
  • See how you add value
  • Connect through introductions or by using social media
  • Engage People On Social Media
  • Maintain regular online Meetings or Chats

Get in touch if you would like to understand how you can maximise your personal profile online.