London, Summer 2008:

Noreen Cesareo, MA BA, Principal at Market Accents, has been appointed to provide expert support as an officer on the advisory panel of the European American University.

The European-American University is a private international university that delivers a methodology which is studentcentred and individualistic. It is built on the values of a holistic and humanistic philosophy that honours the diversity and potential of the human race. Its founders drew on expertise from both the public and private sectors of education provision, as well as in international business, and developed a distinctively and refreshingly different philosophy of education as an individually-empowering process designed to empower future world citizens.

Noreen Cesareo commented, “It is a privilege to be able to offer mentor assistance to professional students seeking higher learning. At Market Accents we strongly believe and advocate a learning environment, where there is sharing of knowledge and hands-on mentoring.”

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