Why Should You Maximise the Power of Digital Networking and Connections

  • You can connect from home or anywhere
  • YOU are controlling the conversation
  • You can initiate at ease, eliminating that awkward moment when you first meet someone and start a conversation
  • You can do it in your own time, whenever you can do so comfortably
  • You can map your connections and get strategic with your engagements

We recommend using the following strategies to network digitally:

Identify, Connect, Engage, Maintain

  • Determine Your Networking Goals
  • Identify your Networks & Relationships
  • Start With People You Know
  • See how you add value
  • Connect through introductions or by using social media
  • Engage People On Social Media
  • Maintain regular online Meetings or Chats

Get in touch if you would like to understand how you can maximise your personal profile online.