#Newsroom: WEI Speaks at the UNCTAD Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Enhancing the Inclusive Dimension of Enterprise Development in Geneva

A WEI delegation took part in the 7th session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Enhancing the Inclusive Dimension of Enterprise Development which took place at the Palais des Nations, Geneva between 17-19th June 2019. The delegation consisted of Yolanda Gibb, Trade Lead, who was a discussant during the session covering Empowering Women Entrepreneurs; Noreen Burroughes Cesareo and Nicole Pitter Patterson.Noreen Cesareo was part of the WEI delegation taking part in the  7th session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Enhancing the Inclusive Dimension of Enterprise Development at the Palais des Nations, Geneva between 17-19th June 2019.

The delegation included Yolanda Gibb, Trade Lead, who was a discussant during the session covering Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Nicole Pitter Patterson.

The Expert Meeting which brought together delegates from countries around the United Nations, discussed how the sustainable and inclusive dimension of enterprise development could be enhanced by promoting responsible business practices, corporate social responsibility and inclusive entrepreneurship that can facilitate progress towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

During the meeting, delegates heard and reviewed examples of inclusive business models and how awareness of good sustainable and inclusive business practices could be facilitated. They also heard about policies that are being drafted, or that are already in place, that strengthen the role of entrepreneurship for inclusive growth and sustainable development. As part of the agenda, they considered how the UNCTAD Entrepreneurship Policy Framework could be adapted and expanded to address the challenges of sustainable and inclusive growth, including creating employment opportunities and engendering inclusive outcomes for disadvantaged groups of the population such as youth, women, migrants, persons with disabilities and the poor.

The session on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs was a lively and interactive session, with academics, representatives from various government and NGOs presenting models and best practice from their regions. Entrepreneurs were also invited to speak and to voice their journeys and challenges as women entrepreneurs. As session discussant, Yolanda was invited to speak on behalf of WEI. She discussed the issue of equality vs equity, saying that women and men are not the same, and that what we should be looking for is equity not equality, fair treatment and fair access. She explained how although we may think that suitable policies are in place, in actual fact they are not gender neutral – and while the issues in general are the same across genders, the solutions are different, and must fit the culture, the economy and the informal mechanisms at work. They must also involve stakeholder engagement right from the beginning. Yolanda went on to add that there are further issues concerning impact measurement; disaggregated statistics are largely missing. Furthermore, impact measurement has a qualitative aspect and this is not being taken into consideration. Economic empowerment for women should be felt by them. How is this to be measured?

Noreen Cesareo then tabled a question on women entrepreneurs that fall below the VAT threshold. She brought forward the example of the work being done in the UK to collect data on women entrepreneurs. She explained how many women entrepreneurs are micro-businesses and sole traders. As a segment, they typically fall in a space that is not easy to measure, and as a result, cannot be included in gender disaggregated statistics. In the UK, there are multiple efforts to find a way to measure this, involving government, the UK Economic Blueprint, various organisations in industry, as well as academia. Noreen asked the delegates present whether any country has found a way to capture this segment.

Other key highlights included the work of Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) empowering women entrepreneurs to grow their business through the power of technology, expansion of global networks and access to capital. In addition, the focus of the International Robotics Academy, Jordan led by Co-Founder Ms. Lama Sha’sha’a underscored the critical importance of gender balanced digital skills training to equip the work force of the future and to ensure inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Further valuable connections were made with representatives of academia, NGOs, private sector entities, enterprise development partners and digital training organizations for prospective WEI collaborations.

Yolanda, Noreen and Nicole form part of the WEI International Trade team.

Recordings: Yolanda Gibb & Noreen Cesareo Burroughes

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Staying In touch: Supporting Our Clients, Partners, WBs and Our Communities

2018 has not been without its surprises, including an ongoing guessing game as to whether Spring is truly here or not!

It has been busy at Market Accents as we immersed ourselves in client work and a number of projects and initiatives which are close to our hearts. Between creating international strategic marketing plans and then executing smart strategies, campaigns and website builds, we have not stopped supporting our clients, partners and communities as a strong team, linking expertise, countries and European time zones as we bridged our London and Milan locations with the Maltese connection!

Adding to this our certification as members of WE Connect International, and our marketing and creative work across borders, we are certainly feeling the international pull!

And it could not have come at a better time as we review our markets and operations, and understand the opportunities opening up as a result of Brexit. Over the years we have become part of a growing international community of networks and connections.

We are still supporting the UK Economic Blueprint  in various work-streams, including the export and international markets stream. We are now also heavily involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Women and Enterprise, where we lead on exports and international connections. On a regular basis, we share knowledge through lectures and webinars, directly through our links with the academia and with our clients. All this - together with our voluntary work on the Malta Business Network (MBN) and the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund - means we are never short of inspiration!


Sharing Knowledge

If you are interested in understanding how you too can apply Strategic Marketing to your business, email us for the link to the webinar.

Late last year, Noreen presented a webinar to a global WEConnect International business audience on the use of strategic marketing as a tool to build a sustainable growth plan. The webinar covered strategic topics such as understanding market opportunities, developing the offer in line with customer needs and building capabilities which shape the business tactical plan.

Noreen is presenting another webinar at the end of this month, discussing how to understand customers through segmentation. Please email us if you wish to receive a link to the webinar.


Our Creative Director Gordon has also been busy on the speaker/academic front. When not creatively engaged in client work, Gordon is also active on the speaker circuit on design-related matters and is a design tutor at Istituto Europeo di Design IED Milan. Over the last months in addition to creative design and web-build work for clients, he has been busy delivering brand and strategic talks and lectures to international audiences in Italy, India and Ukraine.


Participating in the Commonwealth Forums

Once again we attended the Commonwealth Forums held during April in London. It was another great opportunity to meet with international contacts, including reconnecting with connection we had made during the 2015 Forums held in Malta.

The Women's Forum was a great step forward towards the an empowered future for women and girls, and there are a number of collaborations and initiatives which we will be taking forward as a result, so watch this space!


CGEF - Celebrating 50 years of Sponsoring Girls Education in Commonwealth Countries

2017-8 is a special year for the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund, as it celebrated 50 years of sponsoring girls education in Commonwealth Countries. Year on year, the CGEF's financially supports around 400 outstanding destitute girls in 32 Commonwealth countries, enabling them to finish their secondary education.

We were proud to support this year's activities which culminated in another fantastic  Splendours of the Commonwealth Event on April 10, timed to coincide with CHOGM 2018 which took place a few days later here in London. With design by Gordon and creative marketing input from Noreen, who is also a Trustee, the event was a glittering fabulous event.

If you wish to support our activities please visit the website.



Staying in Touch

In this update, we are sharing a snapshot of our many initiatives and activities. We are also taking the opportunity to advise of an update to our privacy policy as part of the new GDPR legislation.

Any information we have on you is used to contact you on a one-to-one basis to carry out our business operations, invite you to events and allow us to work together on our many initiatives. We never sell any information or pass it on to anyone without your express permission - not even for example to another contact who’s asked for your contact details.

As a small business with operational data needs, and data collected from one-to-one (consensual) interactions, we’ve been advised that it’s not necessary to ask for opt-in to our mailing lists.

However as the legal requirements of GDPR are built around transparency and control, you always have the opportunity to sign up to our newsletter. So, if you have not already done so and wish to receive our newsletters, please do email us to confirm your consent. Unless you opt out of individual emails, we will still include you in our invitations to events and other activities that we think will be interesting or beneficial for you. 

We  will not spam you and will never pass on your details without your consent - and you can always unsubscribe from our emails at any time. Please also feel free to see our revised Data Protection Policy.

Please feel free to stay in touch in any way you prefer and we look forward to seeing you soon. We are always pleased to speak to you and see how we can support you.