#KnowledgeShare: Understanding Segmentation and Today’s Customer Experience

Today’s customers are more demanding and discerning. They expect relevancy of messaging and a good customer experience. They know what they want and are not afraid to look. They are also quite fluent in using various channels to get information and move through the “purchasing decision process”.

As marketers, we look at the customer journey and the different types of customers, and then group them using common traits, characteristics, loyalties and purchasing behaviours. Grouping customers into segments enables brands to plan more effectively and to focus tailored marketing communications to specific types of customers, across channels and various customer experiences (CX).

In 2018, Noreen Cesareo delivered two webinars on Segmentation and Demographics – one for WE Connect International in May 2018, and the other for WE Connect Academy in December 2018. 

In the webinars, she looked at the benefits segmentation can bring to both the business and to the overall customer experience (#CX) and discusses how business can map out the customer journey, profile and segment clients.

If you are interested in understanding how you too can apply Segmentation, Demographics and Strategic Marketing to your business and customer journeys, email us for links to the webinars and more information.

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A chat with Roxanne St Clair as part of the Executive Suite Series

Earlier in September, I was invited by a colleague and fellow Trustee (Chair) of the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund to join her on Inspired to Achieve Global TV. 

Roxanne is an inspirational speaker, author, passionate educator, and effective coach who supports business owners to master both the practical and spiritual side of success.

We had a great time chatting about our mutual interests and my various initiatives furthering women in enterprise, girls education and realising dreams !


Welcome to the Executive Suite Noreen Cesareo

I am delighted to invite you to join me and our special guest in the Executive Suite today at 8pm UK time. This remarkable lady is not only a successful business owner, she advises businesses and represents business at a national level.Her philanthropic work includes creating platforms for women to build sustainable businesses and affecting policy to enhance the scope for international trade.Come armed with your questions and hear what Noreen Cesareo has to share about her experience and insights into doing business in today’s changing environment.

Posted by Alfie Best Publishing on Friday, 14 September 2018