#Newsroom: Savvitas Natwest: Launch of the UK Economic Blueprint for Women White Paper

Created with the input of 400 business women from across the UK.

TheLaunch of the UK Economic Blueprint for Women White Paper White Paper from Savvitas NatWest makes practical and achievable recommendations for Government and for private and third sector organisations, with ideas gained from women businessowners during a national Economic Blueprint (EB) Roadshow supported by NatWest.

Savvitas celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEW2020 with the publication of this groundbreaking White Paper from Savvitas NatWest ‘Leveraging Opportunity for UK Female Entrepreneurship.’

The launch took place online on Wednesday 18th November 2020, the Diversity & Inclusion day of Global Entrepreneurship Week, with entrepreneurs and women business owners from throughout the UK, along with parliamentarians, business professionals and academics.

Speakers and participants included:
The Earl of Erroll, Cross Bench Peer & Technology Entrepreneur; Craig Tracey MP, Chairman The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women & Enterprise; Helene Martin Gee, Savvitas Founder & CEO, Entrepreneur, Investor and Parliamentary Adviser; Jill Pay, Chairman Pink Shoe Senate, Former Sergeant at Arms UK Parliament; Brenda King MBE, CEO ACDiversity, previously European Economic & Social Committee; Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise and Community Finance at NatWest Group; Yvonne Greeves, Director of Women in Business NatWest Group; and Sue Lawton MBE, Global expert on Women’s Economic Empowerment, UN High Level Panel.

There is growing body of evidence that the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on women, including recent research from the IMF and the World Bank, the so-called ‘pink recession’. It’s vital that every step is taken to encourage and support the UK’s women business owners.

Delegates joined informal discussions and knowledge-sharing to promote the recommendations and encourage the growth of women’s enterprise.

The UK Economic Blueprint for Women White Paper (EB White Paper) is helping to create the conditions for women-owned/led businesses to gain a fairer share of business opportunities and contracts nationally, with a focus on helping women to scale up their businesses.

Access the Executive Summary and full White Paper here: www.savvitas.com/economic-blueprint


Craig Tracey MP said: “As chairman of the Women and Enterprise All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPGWE) and an active MP in my North Warwickshire constituency, I recognise the vital contribution that women business owners make to the economy and their communities. More progress to improve opportunity for women’s enterprise offers huge potential for the nation’s future prosperity. I welcome this White Paper, which builds on the work of the Rose Review and the APPGWE Report ‘The Future of Female Entrepreneurship: Pathways to Progress’ we published in 2019.”

The Earl of Erroll said: “The Savvitas NatWest White Paper comes directly from British women business owners. Its recommendations create an opportunity for Parliamentarians of all parties to understand what female founders need. I am especially keen on the proposal to embed entrepreneurial education into the curriculum at all stages.”

Helene Martin Gee, Founder of the initiative said: “Despite current challenges we’re seeing a growth in female enterprise and wider recognition of our valuable contribution to the economy. As Savvitas collaborates with its partners to continue to promote and support female enterprise, I hope the recommendations in this White Paper, gathered directly from UK business women, will stimulate progress throughout the whole country.”

With thanks to NatWest for their support of the National Roadshow that enabled Savvitas (formerly Pink Shoe Club) to gather ideas for this White Paper from 400 local women business-owners at events in Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and online.

Savvitas is proud to be the delivery partner. With its team of 100 volunteers, Team EB, it is using advocacy and influence to seek policy and economic solutions to improve opportunities for women-led businesses.

Savvitas, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA UK.


Lyndon Gee: lyndongee@btinternet.com
Noreen Cesareo: communications@marketaccents.com


Established following thirteen years of the Pink Shoe business women’s network. Savvitas enjoys an international presence and carries out vital work in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship.

With the burgeoning new normal, we’re seeing a revolution in the world of work. Savvitas and Pink Shoe are poised to support and encourage this new age of leadership and enterprise.

The inspiring Pink Shoe ambassadors and members remain at the heart of all we do while the Pink Shoe philosophy of Recognition; Development; Ethics and Inclusion is at the centre of the new brand Savvitas. Please visit www.savvitas.com and www.pinkshoeclub.com for more information.

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