We have just finished putting together industry-specific, country market maps for a client. A lot of effort and research has gone into them, but – what a level of understanding when you then look at them in detail!

Market Maps come in many guises. We consider them an important element in our work, whether we are carrying out strategic reviews, market segmentation or value and supply chain analysis. Together with competitive landscapes, where we plot our clients next to their competition within a market and competitive attractiveness matrix, we find that market maps help us to focus attention on key elements within the market space. For our clients, the graphic representations help with the visualisation of the power play in the markets.

What are Market Maps?
We prefer to look at them as playing fields, where we highlight the terrain, understand the strategies and the power struggles at play. We have developed our own unique methodologies, tools and presentation for market mapping. In our work, market maps help us identify key customer and consumer insights, and ensures we have full awareness of the the total market place.